Used Car Dealer Software

Used car dealer software is an essential management tool for independent dealers, buy-here pay-here operators, auto brokers and wholesalers. Frazer's dealership management software is the choice of over 6000 used car dealers nation-wide.


Beyond the high cost of pre-printed forms dealers are required to maintain compliance with current state and federal regulations. Printing bill’s of sale, odometer statements, finance contracts and all forms on plain paper and saves money. Printing them“on-demand” assures you that you will not be throwing away any out-dated forms.


Frazer used car dealer software is the ideal tool for independent used car dealers to save time and money. Thoroughbred Dealer Services is an authorized sales agent for Frazer's used car dealer management system. Frazer's dealer software comes complete with all forms, inventory management, "Buy-Here, Pay-Here" features and Frazer's exclusive user support.

Used Car Dealer Software Features

• Upload your inventory to your website and car marketing services
• Manage your used car inventory, customers & bank accounts
• Track payments for "Buy-Here, Pay-Here" customers
• Save time by printing forms when you complete each sale
• Print your checks - no more hand printing checks!
• Accounts Payable - keep up with your open bills and when they are due
• Easily reconcile your bank statement every month
• Manage your bills in Frazer - automate your accounting
• All your checks, bills and vendors are available with a simple keystroke
• Print the numbers you need for your Sales and Use Tax Report

"I began using Frazer's Dealer Management System in 1990. It is one of the best investments an independent dealer can make."

Getting Started

  1. Request a demo or call 1-888-693-0220
  2. Your demo will arrive via priority mail
  3. Get running easily in minutes
  4. Watch the included training videos
  5. Set your system options – our software does business your way

In Georgia? -Call (678) 866-0750
for free on-site installation and training.

Printing Costs

Saving money where you can is essential to the bottom line in any business. Your investment in a used car dealers software package that allows white paper printing of sales paperwork and contracts is crucial to saving time and money. Once you have eliminated the high cost of pre-printed forms, the next step is to lower your print costs.


We researched some of the top laser printers and MFP's. We highly recommend a laser model as opposed to an inkjet model. In addition to the difference in speed, the cost of inkjet printing can be up to 15 times the cost of laser printing. In many cases this more than covers the difference in acquisition cost during the first year of ownership.


The table shown right provided gives the manufacturer, model number, unit cost and estimated price per page to print your essential paperwork.

We do not profit from your purchase of any printer listed. It is our goal to help you find the best price on a printer that will provide good service at a low per page cost.


Any of the printers/mfp's would be a welcomed addition to your used car dealer software system.

Dealer Management Software Pricing

Frazer's dealer software easy payment plans can be billed monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis. Any way you choose, you have the benefit of all of the powerful features and unlimited phone support. Used Car Dealer Software done right!

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